Detection Services

At Urban K9, we are passionate about taking part in the community fight against drugs.

We provide private narcotics detection searches using our own certified narcotics detection canines with their handler. While we fully support and appreciate all law enforcement, Urban K9 has no affiliation with them. Our narcotics detection canine handler is a licensed private investigator in the states of ND and MN. If his canine detects narcotics odor during a search, the handler will notify the client and carry on with the search. The client is responsible for deciding how to proceed after narcotics odor has been detected. Our Detection Services include:

Explosives detection

Our certified explosives detection canine/handler team can be recruited to check the area of an event before and/or after the event occurs. Urban K9’s explosives detection team travels (for a fee) anywhere in North Dakota, Central Minnesota, and Northeast South Dakota.

Narcotics detection

If you suspect someone in your home or business is using drugs, Urban K9’s narcotics detection team can confirm suspicions. Canine searches can include, but are not limited to:

• Homes
• Apartments
• Rental Units
• Storage Units
• Businesses
• Schools
• Treatment Facilities

Our team of narcotics detection canines are trained to detect the odors of:

• Meth
• Marijuana
• Cocaine
• Heroin

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